Task 10 : Urban-Scale Photovoltaic Applications

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The objective of Task 10 is to enhance the opportunities for the wide-scale, solution-oriented application of PV in the urban environment, as part of an integrated approach that maximizes building energy efficiency as well as solar thermal and photovoltaics usage.


112 kWp integrated PV system, The Netherlands

The Task 10 work is divided into four subtasks, with seventeen activities targeted at solar electricity global market enterprise for all stakeholders:

  • Subtask 1 seeks to define the global solar market through economic and other market drivers.
  • Subtask 2 focuses on the development of guidance to integrate photovoltaics into standard building design models, tools, practices and community energy infrastructure planning.
  • Subtask 3 concentrates on technical and infrastructure challenges related to building integrated photovoltaics and demonstrates best practices to overcome barriers.
  • Subtask 4 carries out the development and the dissemination of information targeted to a variety of stakeholders, and includes market research .


    Economics and Institutional Factors (subtask 1)

    Urban Planning, Design and Development (subtask 2)

    Technical Factors (subtask 3)

    Targeted Information Development and Dissemination (subtask 4)

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